The date is set. We are departing the urban jungle of Dubai on April 1st 2019 and embarking on a 18,000km road trip north. Up to the northernmost point in Europe: Nordkapp! And then back down south again...


We’ll be packing our 4x4, ready to embrace a four months+ journey. The aim is to live off the grid, let our boys be wild & free, invite all that brings amazing adventures and real story telling.


After closing the chapter of our crazy lives in the hustle and bustle, we want to connect as a family, spend time in nature, camp in the wilderness and master bushcraft. We dream of waking up to fresh snow weighing down our tent and standing under epic waterfalls. Drinking water from running streams. Grazing on wild berries.


We want to teach our kids how to read a proper map and learn to say “ONE LIFE. LIVE IT” in 17 languages.


We want to hang out with people from other walks of life, take the roads less travelled, be free and live simply and mindfully.

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