Kingma UAE Road Trip Dec18-6.jpg

There is a classic feel about road trips in a Defender. Real exploring, rugged off-road driving in the 'go-anywhere' vehicle. No terrain is too much to set up camp in. Admittedly, the choice of vehicle added to the romance of our trip. Obviously there are more comfortable, bigger, quieter and easier cars to drive out there, but after a dozen years of driving a Defender it is a solid choice. The right choice for us.


One can go absolute bonkers if it comes to kitting out a Defender for an expedition. Reality and budget kept us down to earth and we opted for little modifications, yet setting it up to be fully self sufficient and to disappear in the wilderness for a while. We can sleep, eat, relax, charge and even occasionally shower. Have a look at our GEAR page to see what enables us to 'survive' out there.

For the real gear nutters out there, we did fit the following: roof rack, long range fuel tank, dual battery system, fridge, water tank, spare wheel carrier, smaller steering wheel, snorkel and some protective parts. With the full length roofrack we can offload some of our luggage onto the roof and allow more movement inside. We can also set it up with a small tent to allow two of us to sleep 'upstairs'. With the second row of seats down, and an added home cut wooden shelving unit in the rear, makes a cozy sleeping space for the boys.