Reliable and qualitative gear is everything. Especially out in remote places where the weather may get wild and where (work)shops are nowhere near. With over 30 years of loving the outdoors and exploring wild places we have certainly made a strong selection in what to pack for this trip. Our friends surely love camping with us...they can pack light, knowing that the essentials are covered. By all means, this is not a standard packing list. More an inspiration for great products out there. 

LiwaTrip Dec18-25.jpg

A 4-month family road trip, through 17 countries and a varied mix of climates doesn’t travel light. Layering is everything to beat the cold and nice warm down sleeping bags are heaven when the temperature drops. We have packed our food and cooking equipment in indestructible Zarges cases. All the other gear and clothing goes into Yeti’s new Panga waterproof bags. Most of our gear will live on the roofrack, sucking up dust, water, wind and sun. F-stop also recently launch a new waterproof range of their backpacks; these will secure our valuable photo-and film equipment. 


A key objective of our trip is to spend quality time outdoors. With camping, hiking, swimming and just being. We will be camping most of our trip, ideally away from noisy campgrounds. Making the tents our home on the road; we have one that fits all four of us, as well as a second smaller tent (privacy anyone?) that can be used as rooftent too. Hilleberg is the tents specialist in this field and the first option to go with. Together with a Hilleberg awning, they've got us covered to beat the rain, mosquitos and sun. We shower using the Big Kahuna showers kits and lounge luxuriously in our Helinox chairs and camp beds. Meals are  prepared on the legendary Coleman Powerhouse stove. 


One of the elements to explore with the boys is how to live respectfully off the land and how to be self sufficient out in nature. To find wild berries, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits and nuts. To fish for dinner and prepare a meal over the campfire. Yes, we packed traditional swiss army knives for the boys (rounded tip for Chris) and Wouter gets to bring along his toys too: Boreal 21 saw, axe and fire-steel (mostly used by Kiki!) to get the flames going. We will minimize buying bottled water at all times and instead use the MSR Guardian water purifier, which turns any water source into safe drinking water. And for those moment when 'better safe than sorry' doesn't work out quite that well, we of course have a solid first aid with us (and taken a first aid course). 


We’ve all been there … prepping for a holiday or trip with a dozen flashing devices getting the batteries charged. More toys and more (sustainable, rechargeable) batteries to bring along. The evidence of  21st century travel. How to keep on top of things out in the wilderness withouth a 240v socket? Simply with a solar charged battery system from Goal Zero. They have charged many of our projects and always come out as a hero.