Wouter is a professional photographer, filmmaker and producer of coffee table books. After a short corporate career at one of the world’s most exciting SUV brands he traded his suit for sneakers. Pure freedom. For more than a decade he has been helping international lifestyle brands telling powerful stories. He loves the energy exchange. He also brings 30+ years of professional travel, adventure and expeditions to the road trip. Keen to see what adventures will unfold…


Kiki is a certified professional Relationship Systems Coach, working with corporate as well as with private clients who are finding their way to be in better relationship with another or with self. The best outcome from this adventure would be even stronger bonds within our family relationship due to the quality time spent together. And quenching our thirst for new connections with numerous people, cultures, languages and flavors. Warming up next to the campfire, sharing stories and learning how to play the guitar. Early morning yoga, mat rolled out on the car's roof rack. Sleep in the other mornings...


Both boys (7 & 9 years old) have been born and raised in Dubai. Despite their urban upbringing, Koen and Chris love the outdoors when we take smaller scale road trips through the UAE and Oman. They rock climb, mountain bike, love a hike, play football, rugby and gymnastics. They love nature and will be happy making spears out of tree branches. This trip will broaden their horizon and allows them to explore the wonders our planet has to offer. Their natural curiosity will surely help them with that.